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2016 third quarterly conference of Debon successfully hold in Taishan Mountain

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The third quarterly selling and marketing conference of Debon Agri-tech Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was successfully hold on the Tainshan Mountain, it was an innovative conference which gave us lots of inspiration and gain. 

Firstly, President Mr. Deng Zhigang made a detailed report about the current situation of the Group and new factory, and the future developing direction. Debon has several important decision and breakthrough in the year 2016, which paved the way for the future development. By the end of August, the selling target has reached 75%.

Following was the wonderful speech made by Debon CEO- Mr. Wu Yabin, which concluded the development of new products and increase of technical staff, et al. These new decisions will add more powerful competitiveness, support and guarantee to the sales team. 

In the near future, we will be on the basis of marketing requirement and solve the practical problems of customers, transfer our company from marketing type to the product and technical problems solving type.

Aimed at several questions appeared in the market, Executive Vice President-Mr. Feng Yifan gave the answer and effective solutions one by one, which make the salesman be more confident when supply service to customers. We never be afraid of any problems, for we could solve every problem.

Debon CTO-Dr. Xu Jiaping made the report named “50 technical questions about organic trace minerals”, which gives us further understanding of Debon products. 

After the conference, the company organized the Taishan Mountain-climbing activity, let us conquer ourselves and any difficulties to bravely go ahead! In the enterprise of “team is king”, there is no high mountain that we cannot conquer, although difficulties and tiredness accompany this journey, sisters and brothers of Debon help with each other, never give up, step by step and climb every mountain we meet.

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