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Debon photography training course was established

Source:SHANGHAI DEBON AGRI-TECH CO.,LTD. UploadDate:2014-10-15 Browse:

    On October 15, 2014, Shanghai debon first photography class was formally established, the training  interpretation by Wu Yabinthe general manager. Debon photography fans took part in the training.


    This training aims to let us know about traveling in the future life and work of how to go about the right photo-shoot to have high quality photos.In the process of lecture training room was silent,and debon students demonstrate the expression of interest in photography knowledge and desire.In a harmonious happy atmosphereMr.wu with rich experience of photography, photography knowledge are introduced to us about the basic knowledge of the camera and using the basic skills of the camera, how to take good photos and so on has carried on the detailed explanation.For our questions,Mr. Wu explain in an orderly way,let us really feel the charm of photography, to understand a series of unknown knowledge of photography, benefit from the training。



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