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Jiangsu Shichang Company visit our Harbin manufacturing base this November

Source:Debon Agri-tech Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd UploadDate:2016-11-23 Browse:

On November 11, 2016, President Wang and Manager Wei of Jiangsu Shichang visited our Harbin manufacturing base and had a investigation. The CEO (Mr. Wu Yabin) of Debon and vice president (Ms. Jia Ruilian) of base accompanied them visiting the manufacturing and product workshop, and testing center. Mr. Wu Yabin gave a detailed introduction that include developing process, the manufacturing ability, soft and hard facilities of Debon to the guests in the conference room, moreover, emphatically introduced our Hunan manufacturing base, which would supply more effective guarantee to our customers.

President Wang and Manager Wei gave affirmation of our manufacturing ability and service, also confirmed our brand, strengthened cooperating confidence and credibility. We really appreciate the confirmation made by Shichang Company, and supply best products and service as we always do, stabilize the advanced status of Debon in trace minerals industry. 

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