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Technical assistant

Basic Requirement:

1. Bachelor or college degree;

2. Animal science or biology related major;

3. serious, careful, devoted to work;


Job Responsibilities:

1. Manage recipe, make or manage label;

2. Domestic exhibition preparation;

3. Prepare the material required by Sales Manager.


Annual salary:

50,000-60,000 Yuan





Technical Service Manager

Basic Requirement:

1. Master degree of animal nutrition or higher degree;

2. Animal science, biology related major;

3. Min. 3-year service experience in additive or feed industry, strong learning ability, strong logic, can adapt to business trips


Job Responsibilities:

1. Market service and develop solutions for customers' demand;

2. Marketing new products;

3. Provide regular training of professional knowledge for Sales Managers;


Annual salary:

more than 80,000 Yuan, with performance salary




R & D personnel

Basic Requirements:

1. Bachelor or above;

2. Major in Chemical and Biochemical;

3. strong learning ability, strong hands-on ability, skilled in searching information, rich in research spirit


Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for reporting organic trace element synthesis R&D test and results;


Annual salary:

60,000-70,000 Yuan




Basic Requirements:

1. College or above;

2. Chemical, animal science, food, agricultural biology related majors;

3. diligent, practical, serious, careful, strong learning ability


Job Responsibilities:

Raw material testing, on-site quality control, record management, routine maintenance for instruments;


Annual Salary:

40,000-50,000 Yuan, with performance salary



Customer Service Assistant

Basic requirements:

1. Familiar with Office Software, knowing financial knowledge will be preferred;

2. Standard mandarin, with good communication and resilience ability.

3. Careful working attitude, proactive, good character, strong sense of responsibility


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the management, assortment, organization, filing and storage of the company's sales contracts and other marketing documents;

2. Assist the sales staff in customers' reception and telephone visit, and ordes processing;

3. Other tasks from supervisors.


Annual salary:

50,000-60,000 Yuan, with performance salary