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The company provides how to training opportunities for employees?" This is probably one of the most concerned about the topic of the new employee. We often help the staff to change an angle to think the answer to the question, "for I now work ability and experience, I hope to give priority to the development of in what way?"

Debon company attaches great importance to developing the ability of employees,and actively create a pleasant learning environment. Company training courses not only to help the employees to perform current job, is also committed to lead the staff to prepare for the opportunities for future development. According to businessrequirements and staff competency requirements, our annual training plan based on the analysis of annual employee ability and quality evaluation of the above, according to different levels and object set priority of annual training program.

Debon company training content:

We believe that the development of the employee's ability is a systematic process, not simply through classroom training can be completed.

The company encourages and promotes the employee and the line manager intraining stage, middle stage and later stage all take positive demand analysis, case discussion and practice plans and daily counseling and other series of measures to help achieve competency development goals.